Feel the nature with its movements, flavors and sounds...

Bahian cuisine is the perfect blending of portuguese, African and Brazilian native traditions. It is an unforgettable experience to savor these delicious dishes.

Our restaurant serves a highly varied breakfast, full of Bahian specialties, juices, tapioca flour, cooked bananas, other tropical fruits, white and whole wheat homemade bread, cakes, cereals, natural yogurt, organic eggs … among many other tasty items! There is nothing like having breakfast in our restaurant by the sea.

Luncheon and dinner menus are based on seafood, different kind of fish, chicken, Italian pasta, salads, vegetables, typical brown beans and soups.

We will be pleased to prepare vegetarian and special diet meals for you – just the way you like.

We prefer to use organic and whole products locally grown.

Come enjoy with us a delicious “Bobó de Camarão”, shrimp dish prepared with manioc and coconut oil or a “Moqueca de Peixe” , of fish or mussels simmered in a delicious spicy sauce, with coconut milk, dendê oil, special seasonings and a pinch of pepper.

A real food of the gods!!!